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The pleasures of good food and wine

Our cuisine use only excellent, fresh ingredients Km 0

Breakfast, lunch and dinner (Breakfast from 8:00 till 10:00;Lunch from 13:00/13:30;dinner from 19.30/20.00)

Our cuisine follows the tradition of authenticity and freshness typical of our region.

Every morning a pleasant "Good morning," will you be given by a varied breakfast buffet prepared with great care and with quality products, served in the restaurant with a panoramic view over the beach.

The fragrance of croissants, cookies, donuts and homemade pies will guiding you toward the dining room where you will await by white and whole meal bread, jams, honey, chocolate cream, cereals, yoghurt, cold cuts, cheeses , eggs, fresh and canned fruit, fruit juices, milk, soy milk, coffee, tea, cappuccino and hot chocolate. There's nothing you like? Just ask.

The restaurant, run by chefs with over thirty years experience and under our careful supervision, provides specialities based on meat and fish along with traditional local as well as international cuisine, the common denominators are the freshness and genuineness of the ingredients, with a preference for products kilometer "0".

Over the years, at main meals, we have given preference to table service along with a self-service buffet for appetizers, vegetables, cakes and homemade cakes, to be close to everyone's needs.

Ample space is dedicated to vegetarian cuisine and the preferences of the younger guests, to whom we dedicate personalized menus agreed upon time to time with the mothers and served on flexible hours. All the days available for baby-food preparing: vegetable broth and vegetable soup with fresh, seasonal ingredients. Kitchenette and microwave, always available.