Culture and sport in Cattolica

For lovers of history, our district offers true art treasures and excellent exhibitions. Those who love fortresses and castles can visit beautiful and fascinating places on the hills of our hinterland.


Ancient castles and a green and wavy landscape: This is what you can admire around Cattolica.

A few kilometers away, in fact, there are characteristic medieval villages and natural wonders, such as Gradara, defined as the Capital of the Middle Ages, made famous by the love story of Paolo and Francesca, told in Dante’s Inferno, San Giovanni in Marignano, which every year
celebrates during the summer solstice, the Night of the Witches, the iconic Grottos of Onferno and the spectacular view from the cliff of Fiorenzuola di Focara and San Marino.

Also during the summer, Cattolica and all the inland villages organize typical markets and historical reenactments of the Middle Ages.


On the shoreline from dawn to dusk, evening excursions of Nordic Walking, swimming and other beneficial ways of doing outdoor sports, will be at your disposal with the utmost picturesqueness and comfort at all times. Sea lovers will be able to enjoy themselves thanks to the many opportunities offered: deep-sea fishing in the early morning
or enchanting evening mini-cruise accompanied by grilled fish, local wine and live music.


At 7 minutes from Cattolica there is also the brand new Riviera Horses equestrian center and the Riviera Golf Resort. They are two destinations very popular with tourists on the Riviera, who want to spend an
alternative day.


Cattolica is just 5 Km from the CIRCUITO DI SANTA MONICA which hosts every year great events like the MotoGP. This will also allow motor lovers to spend a fun-filled summer.


The Riviera is the land of nocturnal entertainment par excellence: between Cattolica and the nearby towns there are the most famous Italian nightclubs ready to offer you unforgettable nights.

Every year, Cattolica hosts internationally renowned artists in the spectacular setting of the Arena della Regina, where classical ballet alternates with rock concerts and theatrical performances.