Catholic, Queen of the Adriatic

Looking at Cattolica from the open sea, one is struck by the interminable sequence of accommodation facilities lined up next to each other that define the profile of the Queen of the Adriatic. From the new enchanting dock to the Aquarium Le Navi, (spectacular tribute to the marine universe, its hidden beauties and its fascinating mysteries), one can in fact admire in succession many of the numerous hotels in Cattolica that overlook the coast, allowing the vision of a fascinating seaside landscape. Prestigious and exclusive 4-star accommodation, excellent 3-star hotels in Cattolica but also hotels of a lower category are distinguished, each in its own range of reference, for professionalism, quality of services, number of comfort and innate courtesy typical of tour operators Romagna. There are also modern and elegant residences equipped with various types of accommodation and which have a very rich range of comfort, delicious and welcoming B & B, as well as a large number of apartments designed to accommodate those who wish to recreate even the pleasant intimacy typical of the walls household. Spread on the web and make known on a planetary scale this building heritage reserved for those who stay in the city is one of the main objectives of TC Informatica next to the intent to put on the web the tourist reality of the Queen of the Adriatic, exploring every smallest aspect and describing every subtlest nuance.