Great services for younger guests

Even for our little guests, the many services and attention proposed by our hotel and by our friendly and
helpful staff to satisfy the needs for a relaxing and creative holiday.

Outdoor services

  • A garden with play area¬†offers the right space to have fun;
  • Strollers and seats for bicycles;
  • A swimming pool on the partner beach (with shallow water suitable for children).

In the room

  • Cots or camping beds;
  • Rails;
  • Changing tables on request;
  • Tubs for the bath;
  • Reducers for toilets;
  • Sink racks¬†are available upon your request;
  • Microwave available on the 1st and 3rd floors.

At the table

  • High chairs of various types;
  • Set for the (baby table services);
  • Placemats to color;
  • Microwave available on the buffet table.


  • Baby food, broth, vegetable puree, homogenised meat, fish or freshly prepared fruit;
  • Flexible hours for children;

When needed: a trusted pediatrician, always available.

Animation – News 2019

Miniclub, games, Baby-Dance with animator.

From 13:20 to 14:20 and from 19:30 to 21:00

For the little ones and for those looking for more relaxation, the garden with play area inside the hotel offers the right space to have fun and relax in a more secluded corner.

  • cottage
  • slides
  • swings
  • toys
  • colors

Do your children have a lot of homework for the summer?

On request our Prof. Mara, graduated in Classical Literature, helps to recover debts and carry out summer tasks, with the possibility to choose the most suitable time for lessons (morning or afternoon) and then… ready for the beach!